Wham & Wham

About Wham & Wham

William F. Bundy (1856-1916)

Charles Wham (1887-1963)

John P. Wham (1902-1992)

James B. Wham (1918-2011)

Janie F. Smith (1957-2014)

History of Wham & Wham Lawyers

Wham & Wham Lawyers, originally known as W.F. Bundy Law Office, was started by W.F. Bundy in 1888. In 1912, he was joined by Charles Wham who later became Bundy’s son-in-law.

Mr. Bundy died in 1916. During the First World War, while Charles was in the service, Fred Wham, brother to Charles, joined the practice. The two brothers practiced together until Fred Wham was appointed to the serve as a judge on the United States District Court in East St. Louis, Illinois, in 1925.

In 1929, John Page Wham, a nephew of Charles, joined the firm. Following the Second World War, Charles’ two sons, James Bundy Wham and William Bundy Wham, came into the firm in 1947.

In 1973, Richard A. Cary, son-in-law of James B. Wham, joined the firm, followed by Janie F. Smith, a niece of John Page Wham, in 1983, who retired in 2005. In 1984, Jennifer Wham, daughter of James B. Wham, began practicing with the firm. She and Daniel R. Price were married in 1985; Dan came into the firm later that same year. Ryan D. Rich is the newest member of the firm, joining in 2011.

Wham & Wham is a general litigation firm practicing in Southern Illinois in all State and Federal Courts.

The current members are Richard A. Cary, Jennifer W. Price, Daniel R. Price and Ryan D. Rich.